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full name jenna johnson comic verse jessica jones date of birth & age october 31, 1982 & 35 birthplace brooklyn, new york city, ny residence boston, massachusetts occupation crime scene investigator maritual status lone wolf

biography On a cold and stormy Halloween night, everything changed for Helena and Robert Carlisle when their first and only child would be brought into the world. Just as quickly as their new bundle of joy came into their lives to shake it all up, things changed for the family once again and not in a good way. For the most part Jenna had a regular, standard childhood. She grew up in New York City, instantly falling in love with the city lights and the humming of life around every corner, it was the best place in the whole world as far as she was concerned and didn't believe that anything would be able to alter that feeling. It wasn't until Jenna's ninth birthday that her whole world would come crashing down around her as she knew it. Returning home from their daughter's birthday party at a local Chuck E. Cheese's, a drunk driver t-boned the family car, sending it skidding into four other lanes of busy traffic - blackness, that's all Jenna claims to remember from the incident. Next thing she knew was waking up in a hospital bed with her parents nowhere in sight, only did she realize what had really happened when the nurse came in with social services representatives to explain what had happened and what was going to happen now. Suddenly, the fact she missed out on six months of her life was the least of her worries.

Naturally Jenna was heartbroken, completely shattered now that she was an orphan with nowhere to really go. No family, not even distant family to take her in, no friends or their parents would take on another child so willingly and it wasn't two days after she was released from the hospital that she was placed in an orphanage with at least twenty to fourty other kids. Jenna didn't notice the difference too much, she mostly just sat there quietly either doodling or just staring out the windows of the orphanage, hoping that it was all a bad dream and she would wake up in her bed at home. That day never came. Instead she lived inside the walls of that orphanage for at least three years before a couple had wandered in and taken a liking to her, probably due to the fact she was one of the only children who wasn't running around screaming their head off or well, behaving like normal children do. The accident had obviously changed Jenna, she was no longer as bubbly or confident in herself, she wasn't talkative and only spoke if it felt completely necessary to her.

Growing up became unbelievably difficult after this, even though she had a home now and a new family, she still never felt like she belonged in her new household, with her "new" parents. As if things weren't already complicated enough for the young girl, Jenna began to experience the brunt of bullying after returning to school. It seemed that most of the children already knew all about the accident and had taken it upon themselves to tease and ridicule her for being an orphan, something that sent Jenna home a crying mess more than she could ever care to admit. This went on pretty much through high school and at this point, all she could think of was getting out and never looking back. All in all, things were getting better and she actually made a few friends much to her parents delight, despite the fact that they heavily disapproved her hanging out with some of the kids, claiming they were bad influences and only using her. Jenna refused to believe them and continued doing what she had planned, applying to colleges alongside her best friend in hopes they would get into the same school.

Already aware of what she wanted to study even before her high school career was over, Jenna went ahead and jumped head first into the world of crime scene investigating, a career that maybe wasn't ideal according to all of her teachers and family members, in her mind they just didn't understand her passions. Jenna finished school and did well even, coming in at the top of her class. Before she knew it, a year had passed and she was now working with the NYPD in assistance to whatever crimes were committed there and she genuinely enjoyed the work. Maybe not in the sense one would expect but it was enjoyable regardless, a good distraction from real life and all the thoughts that often plagued her mind however after a few years she had noticed things starting to change within herself. For the first time in her life, Jenna did not feel at home in busy New York City and decided that she would be moving at the end of that year to Boston.

The move wasn't nearly as stressful as she had imagined initially, thankfully she had some friends and her siblings to help out which made everything run a lot smoother. Jenna found herself a decent sized apartment, well it was more of a sublet that stood above an old antique shop which made way for the first set of "friends" she would make in this new, mysterious city that somehow instantly felt more like home. It sounded crazy, even to herself but somehow Boston had attached itself to her heart and soul, making Jenna realize that there really is no place like home. These days she's picked up a job working hand in hand with the Boston police department and absolutely loves it, she gets along well with almost all of the officers and even trained a few younger crime scene investigators, some stayed and others moved on to other cities and areas of Massachusetts but all in all, Jenna couldn't be more content with how life is going. You know, besides the raging PTSD that forces its way back inside her head even after all these years have passed since the accident.

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Jessica Jones Jessica Campbell was just about to to speak to her crush, Peter Parker, before being distracted by the spider bite that gave him his powers. While going home, she and her parents are in their family car when it collided to a military truck that is carrying radioactive chemical. Her parents were killed and Jessica slipped into a coma. She was then adopted by the Jones family and she woke up from her coma during the time of the coming of Galactus to Earth to feast on the planet. She was enrolled back to Midtown High School, where she was at the receiving end of bullying by Flash Thompson.

Peter felt empathy towards Jessica as he grew up without his true parents, but Jessica lashed out to him because she thought that he was pitying her. It was at this time that the exposure from the radioactive chemicals gave her powers. As the superhero Jewel she had a brief career thwarting crime. During one of her adventures, she ran into the mind controlling Purple Man. He took control of her life and used her in many unpleasant ways. He eventually tried to use her to kill Daredevil, but instead she attacked the first person she saw in a red costume, which happened to be the Scarlet Witch. After a fight with the Avengers they helped to free her of the mind control, and even offered her a place on the roster. She declined, quite disturbed by the abuse the Purple Man inflicted upon her.

Saddened by the fact that almost no-one noticed that she had gone missing for eight months, Jessica gave up being a superhero and started the Alias private detective agency working for superheroes and related clients, including Matt Murdock. (source)